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Introducing a captivating erotic playset showcasing luxurious soft brocade handcuffs with adjustable corset ties. This set includes three enticing body products and a set of 12 Kama Sutra Play Cards, comprising 10 Kama Sutra position cards and 2 “Wild Cards” filled with tips and tricks on incorporating the included products into your sensual games.


  • HAND CUFFS: Soft brocade handcuffs for gentle yet effective restraint.
  • FEATHER TICKLER: Enhance intimacy with this feather tickler, perfect for applying the included Honey Dust.
  • 12 KAMA SUTRA PLAY CARDS: Enjoy hours of erotic entertainment with your partner with these carefully curated play cards.
  • HONEY DUST Chocolate Caress (56 g): A kissable body powder for indulgent sensory exploration.
  • OIL OF LOVE The Original (22 ml): A kissable, warming foreplay oil to ignite passion.
  • LOVE LIQUID Classic (3 packets of 3 ml): Personal, water-based lubricant for added comfort and pleasure.


  • Individuals seeking to explore adventurous experiences in the bedroom, offering a gentle introduction to bondage play.
  • Couples interested in experimenting with bondage play and eager to master various sex positions.
  • Those beginning their collection of limited-edition Kama Sutra playsets, offering an enticing glimpse into the world of sensual exploration and pleasure.


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